High Volume Water Filtration

A large water user required an upgrade to their high volume water filtration systems. The customer requirement was to replace existing high volume bag filter vessels. Because the water is used throughout the facility, on an ongoing 24/7 basis, the water cannot be shutoff to change the filters. Additionally, due to the high solids loading, maximizing filtration was also important.

The multiplex design best satisfies both operational requirements. Two large bag filter vessels are used. The inlet and outlet connections are piped to 10″ headers. Butterfly valves are used to isolate each individual from the process so bag filters can be changed while the other filter vessel remains in service.

Multiplex Bag Filter
Header View

A mezzanine system, with stairs fabricated around the bag filter multiplex allows the filters to be serviced in a safe and timely manner. Special gear operators were fabricated so the valves can be operated from the mezzanine level.

We have several vessel options for multiplexing.  Contact us with your requirements.  

  • Process Water
  • Industrial Water
  • Waste Water
  • Coolant
  • Machine Tool Coolant
  • Liquid Fuel
  • Quench Oil
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Glycol
  • Pre-Filtration
  • Final Filtration