High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

Pro-Filtration manufactures a wide range of high vacuum transformer oil purifiers.  Starting as little as $37,000, sizes range from 5-50 GPM for any size project.  

Trailer Options

We specialize in building custom chassis and trailers for oil filtration equipment.  We offer many options for your equipment, from single axle trailers to 53′ chassis.  

Vacuum packages start at 150 cfm and go up to 2,000 cfm.


We have a 30 GPM high vacuum transformer oil purifier in stock for immediate shipment.  This is a nice mobile system that is excellent for smaller transformers and/or tight areas.  

The oil purifier will remove moisture, gases, carbon and particulate from transformer oil.  This purifier is intended for use with mineral oil or light viscosity oils.  

Oil is pulled into the system via inlet pump and vacuum.  Oil is pumped through an inlet filter and heaters and into the vacuum chamber where moisture and gases are flashed off.

Transformer OIl Purifier

Water removal from 50 PPM down to < 5 PPM

Gas Removal from 12% by volume down to 0.1%

Particulate removal to 0.5 micron (nominal)

Dielectric strength to increase to up to 75 kV.

Valve and piping loops allow for regulating flow.  The system also operates under several modes.  Heating and filtration mode flow rates up to 50 GPM.  Degassing and dehydration mode flow rates up to 30 GPM.  

Heating capacity up to 100 kW. 

Vacuum Package

The system includes a vacuum booster package that includes an oil sealed vane style backing pump and a roots booster for flow rates up to 600 CFM and pressures down to 0.5 torr.  Valves are included for pulling vacuum on a transformer. 

The complete system is encased in a weatherproof enclosure and mounted on a single axle trailer.  The current trailer is for inplant use.  Trailer upgrades will be necessary for over the road use.  Not to worry, we also build trailers so these modifications can be done quickly and economically.

The high vacuum oil purifier is operated by a PLC and includes a screen to communicate operational conditions.  Heaters a split into two modes.  The control panel also includes phase indication, power light, E-Stop, pump switches, alarm off button and heater switch.  The control panel also includes an absolute vacuum gauge reading.

The vacuum chamber includes low maintenance polypropylene dispersion discs with plenty of void space.  The dispersal design allows for oil maximum exposure of vacuum conditions for the efficient removal of moisture and gases.  The vacuum chamber includes foam control, level control and an overflow tank with shutdown level sensor.   

A minimum of 2 torr is maintained in the vacuum chamber while degassing.

Mobile Oil Purifier