High Pressure Filter – 60,000 PSI

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56 Series High Pressure Filter

The 56 Series high pressure filter is rated for 60,000 PSI operating pressure.  This large capacity filter is an ideal solution for waterjet cutting nozzle protection.  Various micron options are available to sufficiently protect any nozzle no matter how small.  Filter media options include microglass and 304 stainless steel with nominal filtration efficiencies ranging from 2µm to 100µm; and absolute efficiencies from 3µm to 200µm.  Standard filter element pressure drops are 3250 PSID for microglass and 4500 PSID for stainless steel.  Standard Inlet / Outlet connection sizes are 1/4″ and 3/8″.

  • High Pressure Filter
  • 60,000 PSI Operating Pressure
  • No Elastomeric Seals
  • Flows up to 2.5 GPM
  • Liquid Applications Only
  • Wide Range of Micron Ratings Available

High Pressure Filter

Chase Filters and Components recognized a void in two industries, water jet cutting and oil & gas, which lacked a large capacity filter for high pressure applications.  The 56 Series, rated at 60,000 psi, was developed with those specific industries in mind.  This one of a kind filter utilizes a metal to metal seal which takes elastomers, and all the question marks that come with them, out of the equation, resulting in a more dependable seal.


Pressure Ratings
Operating: 60,000 PSI
Proof: 90,000 PSI
Burst: 120,000 PSI
*5 PSID Pressure Drop at 2.5 GPM, 150 SSU Oil at 25 Micron

Dr. Peter H.T. Liu in an article written for FMA, “Big opportunities in waterjet cutting microsize parts” offers good information about the challenges of machining small parts that require tighter efficiencies.  The 56 Series High Pressure Filter is one possible solution for overcoming such challenges when pushing existing equipment with tighter nozzle openings.

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