High Flow Lube Oil Filter Vessels

Flow Rates up to 635 GPM (2400 LPM) – Maximum Working Pressure up to 435 PSI (30 BAR)


LMP 950-951 Series

LMP950 is a range of filter vessels with large filtration surface areas mainly suitable for lubrication, off-line filtration of the reservoirs and filtration equipment.  These vessels are a viable replacement for Pall 8300 Series and Parker IL Series.

Available features: 

– Flanged connections up to 4”, for a maximum flow rate of 2400 l/min – In line or 90° connections, to meet any type of application – Base-mounting design, for ease of the replacement of the filter element

– Fine filtration rating, to get a good cleanliness level into the system

– Water removal elements, to remove the free water from the hydraulic fluid. 

– Bypass valve, to relieve excessive pressure drop across the filter media

– Vent ports, to avoid air trapped into the filter going into the system

– Drain ports, to remove the fluid from the housing prior the maintenance work

– Visual, electrical and electronic differential clogging indicators 

Common applications: 

– Off-line filtration of reservoirs 

– Filtration systems 

– Lubrication systems 

Filter housing materials 

– Head: Anodized Aluminum 

– Housing: Anodized Aluminum 

– Bypass valve: Anodized Aluminum 


– Test pressure: 652 psi (45 bar) 

– Burst pressure: 1,740 psi (120 bar) 

– Pulse pressure fatigue test: 1,000,000 cycles with pressure from 0 to 435 psi (30 bar) 

Bypass valve 

– Opening pressure 50 psi (3.5 bar) ±10% – Other opening pressures on request. 

∆p element type 

– Micro-glass elements – series N: 20 bar – Fluid flow through the filter element from OUT to IN 


– Standard NBR (BUNA) series A 

– Optional FPM (VITON) series V 


From -13°F to 230°F (-25 °C to +110 °C )


LMP 950: In-line Inlet/Outlet 

LMP 951: 90° Inlet/Outlet 

LMP 950 951 Differential Pressure Chart

LMP 950 951 Dimensions

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Duplex and Manifold Options Available