Handheld Portable Oil Filter

The SDT3 is a portable oil transfer/filtration unit, specifically designed for both filling/transferring lubricating, insulating and hydraulic oils from containers to tanks and apparatus while filtering and maintaining a high level of oil cleanliness.  The unit utilizes Spin-On element (supplied as option), available in two lengths, thus increasing the dirt holding capacity and lowering pressure drop of the unit.  The unit has the flexibility in being able to offer a wide range of medias and micron ratings to suit any application.
The unit is very compact and lightweight.  With a total weight of 32 lbs., this portable filter in easily carried and ergonomic.

Drum Topper


Portable Filter Technical Data

Pump: Gear pump
Electric Motor: .75 hp 115 V single phase electric motor
Flow: 3 GPM
Max. Operation Pressure: 58 psi
Viscosity range: Min. operation 10 cSt / Max. operation 200 cSt / Max. only for cold start 400 cSt
Suction Filter: Type Y filtration 500 μm
Filtration Rating: 1/3/6/10/25 μm ß>1000 & Water Removal
Bypass valve: Rating 58 psi
Fluid Temperature: From 41° to 140 °F
Ambient Temperature: From 41° to 104 °F

Protection Class: IP 55
Seal: NBR
Fluid Compatibility: Mineral Oil – Other on request
Suction hose: 1/2″ x 10′
lance: DN/OD20 length 16 in
Pressure hose: 1/2″ x 10′
lance: 1/2″ x 16″ L
Weight: 32.6 lb
Dirty Filter Indication: Visual clogging indicator (gauge)

Portable Filter Dims

Filter Options

  • Microglass: 1, 3, 6, 10 and 25 micron
  • Wire Mesh: 25 and 60 micron
  • Water Removal
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