GSD Retail 10 Pack – 3-Ply Face Masks

GSD 3-Ply Face Masks_Retail Pack

Produced in a world class facility with 100,000-class purification system, our unique packaging takes this important, and entirely relevant product to the next level of innovation. From the display box to the handy pack with a tear-strip, resealable zip-lock, 10-pack mask to the graphics, it is a must have product for all retail environments and settings. For the consumer, this is a pack that can sit in every glove compartment, bag, or suitcase, and will allow ease of use during times of need.

Face Mask

GSD Ear loop Disposable Mask is made of a 3-Ply Non-Woven Melt blown fabric construction to provide a Viral infection protection barrier. The lightweight mask is designed to provide comfort and easy breathing.

Current Pricing + Shipping

10 Masks per pack: $2.00

20 Packs per Retail Box: $30.00

12 Retail Boxes per Carton: $288.00

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