The GRF 5 is a two stage filter cart.  The first stage is a 25µ spin on filter (or Y Strainer), followed by the second stage 25µ, 10µ, 6µ or 3µ polishing filter.  The GRF 5 includes an ICM Particle Counter.  The ICM is programmed to shut the pump off when the desired ISO cleanliness code is achieved.  Test time is 2 minutes with a 1 minute delay in between.  These parameters are programable.  Chick here to check latest stock for quick ship.


  • Oil Transfer
  • Offline / Kidney loop
  • Transformer and Insulating Oil Filtration


  • 1 HP, 115 VAC, 1- Phase TEFC motor with motor start/stop, cord and plug
  • Rugged 5 or 10 gpm gear pump with integral relief valve
  • 10 ft. wire reinforced clear suction and discharge hoses with stainless steel wands
  •  Mounted inline contamination monitoring (ICM) unit to measure fluid cleanliness
  •  Heavy duty hand truck with pneumatic tires, powder coated in MP Filtri Blue
  •  2 pc 4ft. stainless steel wands
  •  Wand Storage brackets with accommodation to contain excess in drip pan
  •  25 ft. electrical cord with end plug, includes cord storage hook
  •  On-board sealed on/off switch
  • Suction Side
  • 1 pc Y Strainer for pump protection

Discharge Side

  • 1 pc MPS100RG3P25AP01 (25 micron) or Y Strainer
  • 1 pc LMP2112 housing with 50 psid bypass, Choice of 1, 3, 6, 10, & 25 micron elements

ICM Contamination Monitor

  • 8 channel contamination measurement
  • International standard formats ISO 4406:1999, NAS 1638 AS 4059E and ISO 11218
  • Data logging and 4000 test result memory
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