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Are your air intake panel filters falling apart and ineffective?

LM 6000 Carbboard Filters


We can fix that…

Plastic Frame Upgrade to Donaldson Pre-filter for GE-AEP LM 6000 ‘Guard Filter’ Door: P03-0228

Mini Pleat Panel, Guard door, filter is a direct replacement of the Donaldson P03-0228 pre-filters  and provides a level of filtration that’s incomparable to most pleated filters of the same size. These gas turbine air intake filters are all synthetic, 100% WATERPROOF MEDIA and FRAME are industry leading, built to last in even the toughest applications and a superior product that provides extended service life.

LM 6000 Air Intake Panel Filter

Better Design

Our Mini Pleat Panel filters feature 100% synthetic microfiber filter media with a 3-dimensional, design for optimum dust-holding capacities. Nanofibers, are uniquely integrated into the filter media and able to capture the smallest particles. Our fibers are produced in solvent-free, melt-based and environmentally-friendly conditions with a proprietary process and do not contain any chemical binder. The result is a strong, highly damage-resistant filter that is totally non-shedding.

Part Number MP-24244PM13
Dimensions 23-3/8” x 23-3/8” x 3-1/2”
Style Panel
Media Synthetic
Ashrae 52.2 MERV 13
Fractional Eff. 99.99% of 0.5 micron *
Airflow .24 (1,500 CFM)

.34 (2,000 CFM)

.45 (2,500 CFM)

Surface Area 78 Ft2
Media Support Glue Bead
Temp Rating 175° F


*Fractional efficiency is measured after 350 hours of operation. Actual efficiency of the filter may vary based on the application. Efficiency will also be affected by dust concentration, size of the particle, the airflow and the cleaning methods.

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