Fuel Filtration

The need for fuel filtration is increasing annually.  Diesel fuel cleanliness standards are tighter now than ever. Modern diesel powered generators demand cleaner fuel as tolerances are tighter. Abrasives cause significantly more wear due to higher pressures within the injection system. Water is a major cause of pump and injector failure as it breaks down the diesel fuel’s lubricity. Water enhances algae growth, which produces more particulate. Water also promotes acid growth that corrodes tanks and engine components. Fuel picks up contaminants along the way from the refinery to the distribution center and from the distribution center to the end user. Every step in the transportation process adds contamination.

SC Industrial Sales offers several options to clean up contaminated fuel.  Contamination comes in the form of soft particulate, hard particulate, algae and water.  We offer filter vessels, filter elements to handle any contamination you are faced with.


Cast Duplex Basket Strainer

Basket strainers, simplex or duplex are a typically used as a first line of defense in removing large particulate.  The benefit of a strainer is that the basket can be removed, cleaned, and put back into service.  Simplex pipeline basket strainers are used when the process can be shut down to clean the basket.  Duplex strainers are used when the process must remain in operation while the strainer is serviced. 


Basket Strainer materials of construction are typically cast iron, cast steel, cast stainless steel or cast bronze.  Baskets are stainless steel with perforations or mesh lined.  Other materials of construction are possible in fabricated models.

More information on basket strainers.


Lube and Fuel 718 Filter HousingMulti-Round 718 736 Lube Fuel Filter Housing

Filter vessel options are numerous.  Typically, carbon steel filter vessels are used with pleated cellulose, pleated microglass or water absorption medias.  Filter vessels are 150 PSI rated and are industrial fabricated carbon steel with swing bolt lug closures, vent, drain and gauge ports.  Filter vessels accept industry standard 6”x18” or 6”x36” filter elements.


For applications where soft contamination is abundant we offer bag filter vessels with string wound inserts.  These inserts hold a tremendous amount of contamination and are useful in applications where a high level of soft contamination exists, such as asphaltenes and/or algae.

String wound bag filter element String Wound Bag Filter Cartridge Opened Changing String wound bag filter



Filter Separator

Filter/Separator vessels primary function is to coalesce water out of fuels and light oils.  Secondary function is to remove particulate.  Coalescers are made out of fiberglass.  Water droplets are attracted to the glass fibers.  As the water laden fuel passes through the glass media, the water droplets impinge on one another and grow in size until at which point they break off and fall to the bottom of the vessel.  The “green screen” separator element acts as a barrier, allowing the fuel to pass but not the water. 


The filter/separator vessel includes a sight glass and drain valve.  An additional port is provided should the operator want to use a water sensor to alert the operator when the vessel needs draining.

Sight Glass
Sight Glass with Manual Drain


Any or all of the previously mentioned components can be packaged into a skid mounted fuel conditioning system.  Systems are custom built to the customers’ requirements.

Transformer Oil Kidney Loop Filter Skid Transformer Oil Kidney Loop Filter Skid Transformer Oil Kidney Loop Filter Skid

Typical systems include a pump and motor combination, strainer, filter vessels, piping and control panel.


Standard Features:

  • Pump—Positive Displacement, Air Operated Diaphragm and Centrifugal Options
  • Motor—Explosion Proof or TEFC
  • Suction Strainer—Simplex, Duplex or Y Type Options
  • NEMA 4 Control Panel with Main Disconnect, Pump Run Lights, Dirty Filter Lights
  • Filtration
  • Carbon Steel Base with Fork Lift Slots and Drip Lip



  • Storage tank
  • Hose Reels
  • Flow Reversing Valve
  • Pipe Manifolds
  • Flow Sight Indicators
  • Flow Meter
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Laser Contamination Monitor
  • Flatbed Trailer
  • Enclosed Trailer
  • ISO Container with or without Chassis
  • Caster Wheels
  • Roll Cage with Lifting Eyes
  • Centrifuge


 Dryout Trailer Inside Oil Processor Cargo Trailer