Flushing Equipment

SC Industrial Sales offers a full range of flushing skids, tanks, heater skids, filter vessels and media for fuel, oil, water and other liquids.  We offer skid mounted flushing pumps and skid packages with heaters, filter vessels, pumps and control panel.   

Oil Flush Pump Oil Flush Pump Flush Pump Group

We offer custom fabricated tanks for lube and fuels as well as other liquids.

Lube TankStainless Steel TankCustom Tank

High Velocity Oil Flushing Skid


High velocity lube oil flushing systems are pre-engineered, pre-fabricated and ready for shipment.  These systems include onboard heaters, filter housings and flow meters.  Available with NEMA 4 & NEMA 7 Panels, all systems have variable Frequency drive for oil flow control, digital temperature controllers to set oil temperature.  These systems provide turbulent flows for high velocity hot oil flushing requirements and remove particulate to ISO 16/14/11 or better, NAS 4, oil cleanliness.

Flushing Skid NEMA 7500 GPM FLUSH SKID

Marine High Pressure Oil Flushing Skid

Marine high pressure oil flushing skids are used to flush pipes and tubing in marine applications.  Systems typically include a high pressure (2,000 psi) gear pump on a VFD for flow control and a filter.

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Particle Counters

Particle Counters can be added to the flushing skids or ports added so an portable particle counter can be used.  Portable particle counters are available for rent.

Contamination MonitorLPA3 Application

Inline Contamination Monitor (ICM)
Features & Benefits:
  • Live real time monitoring
  • Calibrated to relevant ISO standards
  • Manual, automatic and remote control flexibility
  • Various communication protocols as standard
  • Atex zone II options available
  • FREE LPA View software Windows based
  • 8 channel contamination measurement & display
  • Measures and displays the following international standard formats; ISO 4406:1999, NAS 1638, SAE AS 4059 revision E tables 1 & 2
  • Moisture and temperature sensing (fluid dependent)
  • Data logging and 4000 test result memory
  • Multicolor indicators via LCD (K versions) and LED with output alarm signals as standard
  • Robust die cast aluminum construction
  • Pressure max. 420 bar
  • Environmental protection IP65/67 versatile
  • Secondary connector to allow the simultaneous control/ download of results during operation
  • Option available to download all results onto a USB stick, direct from the ICM
  • RS485, MODBUS, CANBUS, 4-20mA analogue output as standard
Portable Particle Counters – RENTALS AVAILABLE

LPA3-particle counter

Six Reasons to Consider LPA3 Portable Particle Counters for your Lab or Field Oil Analysis:
  • Accuracy – Using the latest LED optical technology, results are ± 1/2 ISO code
  • Mobility – Durable carrying case only weighs 22 lbs.
  • Analysis – Real time monitoring to allow for proactive maintenance
  • Speed – High speed sample times over 16 times faster than previous version
  • Efficiency – Quickly learn oil’s cleanliness and easily trend results
  • Ease of Use – Simple to use without formal training
  • Robust carrying case
  • Store up to 4,000 test results
  • Increased programmable sample volumes (up to 100 ml)
  • Quickly download results via USB port
  • 10″ Touch Screen
  • Online and real time monitoring
  • Optional printer
  • Moisture sensor
  • Long life lithium ion battery
  • Wide range of reporting formats, including ISO 4406:1999, NAS 1638, ISO 11218 and more
Temporary Strainers

Temporary Strainers include cone strainers and basket or top hat strainers are used to catch debris during a flush.