Filter Vessels for Lube Oil

Commonly used in lube & hydraulic oil filtration, lube oil flushing and diesel fuel filtration

CSD manufactures filter vessels to accept industry standard 6″x 18″ and 6″x 36″ filter elements. These double open end, flat gasket filter elements are the most produced in the world. These filters solve most every filtration problem. Media options are extremely numerous from low dollar pleated paper to more efficient microglass. Blended options offer depth, efficiency and are budget friendly.

Single Element Filter Vessels

Lube and Fuel 718 Filter Housing

Single element filter vessels are ideal for flow rates up to 100 GPM depending on oil viscosity and temperature. These vessels can be installed in series or in parallel. We maintain a stock of single element filter vessels for quick shipment.


Multi Element Filter Vessels

Multi-round filter vessels are used for large flow rates, heavy viscosity oils, heavy solid loading, high velocity lube oil flushing, diesel fuel filtration systems and applications where extended filter changes are desirable. We manufacture 3 element filter vessels up to 38 element filter vessels.

The hydraulic jack and swing bolt closures make for easy and ergonomic filter change outs. No cumbersome davit lift that is difficult to get to. Everything you need to lift the vessel lid is accessible from grade level.

Numerous connection configurations allow for most any installation requirement.

Style 1

Style 1: Side inlet/bottom outlet. Includes legs

Style 2D

Style 2D: Side Inlet/Side Outlet. On legs and bottom drain.

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Style 2

Style 2: Side Inlet/Side Outlet. Flat bottom; side bottom drain. This low profile option is best for changing filters at grade level. No ladders or stairs needed.