Filter Pots (Pods) for Oil Field


Quality Sock / Bag Filter Vessels

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SC Industrial Sales proudly represents Custom Service & Design. manufactures Filter Pods for Oil Field Service. Filter Pods range from single bag up to 23 bag pods. Standard materials are carbon steel, 304L stainless steel and 316L stainless steel.

CSD Filter Vessels have advantages built in that other manufacturers do not offer. Such as, built in hold down assemblies, machined tube sheets and hydraulic lift assembly.

Hydraulic lift assembly makes changing bags Safer and easier! No climbing on ladders to lift the lid. The hydraulic lift assembly is accessed at grade level.
Multi Bag Filter vessel Skid Mounted


  • Skid Mounting
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Gauges
  • Low Boy Design
  • Duplexing
  • Trailer Mounting
  • Multi-Plexing

Low Profile Filter Pods

For Safety & Ergonomics

CSD 8 Round Low Profile Bypass Package
Low Boy with Bypass Piping & Skid Mounted

Interactive 3D Model:

CSD 3D Interactive Filter

Manifolded and Skid Mounted

Mult-Plex Skid

Custom Service & Design Filter Pods offers beneficial advantages for oil field service. Most manufactures use davit arms to lift the lid off of the filter pod vessel. CSD’s design utilizes a hydraulic jack. This is much safer in that the operator doesn’t need to climb a ladder to get to the lid device. And, with a low boy design, bags can be changed at grade level.

Another advantage is the machined tube sheet. Bags snap into place rather than float around. The lid includes a bag hold down mechanism so that bags cannot lift out of place and bypass.

Rental Bag Filter Vessel

Trailer Mounted and Piped


Used Filter Pods

We offer a variety of used filter pods in stainless steel for immediate shipment.  Code stamped vessels are sand blasted and re-gasketed.  Vessels are available as single units or manifolded and skid mounted for continuous flow rate requirements.  

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Filter Pods Bag Filter Vessels

Current Stock Includes

6 Round Multi-Bag Vessels, Stainless Steel

8 Round Mult-Bag Vessels, Stainless Steel

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Single Bag Vessels in Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel

Single Pod Options

We offer many sing pod option as well, including duplexing, multi-plexing and four quad configurations.

Skid Mounted Pumping Solutions

We custom build filter pod skids. These skid packages typically include a pump/motor, inlet strainer, valves and instrumentation. They can include a simple on/off switch or a NEMA 4 control panel with run lights and alarms.

Water Filtration Skid

Need Replacement Bag / Sock Filters?

We offer competitive pricing on standard #2 filter bags. Many popular sizes in stock for quick delivery.

We also offer bag inserts for fine particulate retention, long life and reduced filter costs. Our bag inserts hold up to 15 pounds of dirt and can operate up to 35 PSID, thus extending change out intervals greatly.

Produced Water Filtration

Trailer Options

Finally, we offer a variety of trailer options and configurations. As seen above, typical installation include dual axle customized flatbed trailers with service platforms, piping manifolds, valves and gauges.