Faster Deliveries for Parker & Hydac Filter Applications

Supply chain problems have frustrated users of Parker, Hydac & Schroeder Filters. SC Industrial Sales are a knowledgeable resource for interchanging Parker and Hydac filter housings, assemblies and replacement filter elements.

Inquiries typically include a Parker or Hydac filter that was previously specified. They come to us when the lead times are too great and the filters are needed to complete a project. We utilize our resources to match the specifications of the intended filter and deliver in a reasonable amount of time.

For instance, a customer offered a Hydac part number of HF4PBH18G3A1.1/12V. They asked us to come up with an equivalent with a reasonable lead time. If the customer is able to give us flow rate, pressure requirements and oil viscosity, we can then return a report, similar to this:

FHP500 Flow Rate V. Differential Pressure
FHP500 Drawing

We built a webpage to help customers quickly identify replacements for Hydac Filters.  We continue to update information so check back often.

Hydac Cross Reference

You can contact us with you Parker, Hydac or Schroeder part number or application information.   We will size a replacement filter and do all we can to help improve deliveries to keep your project on schedule.