Drum Topper Portable Oil Filter

Drum Topper

Drum Topper Portable Oil Filter
Convenient, portable filtration in a compact design that you can carry wherever you need to go.


  • Filtering Small Oil Tanks
  • Dispensing New Oil
  • Pre-Filtering New Oil
  • Evacuating Used Oil
  • Topping off Reservoirs
  • Collecting Oil Samples


  • Pump/Motor
  • Dual Stage Filtration
  • Automatic Relief Valve
  • 6′ Hose Assemblies
  • Industrial Powder Coat
  • 22 psid (1.55 bar) Dirty Filter Pop Up Indicator
  • 65 psi Pump Relief Valve


The Drum Topper Portable Oil Filter is for filtering mineral-based industrial oils and most synthetic oils with a maximum operating viscosity range of ISO 10-460 (2000ssu/431cSt) at 100°F/38°C within ambient temperature ranges of -8°F to 104°F (-22°C to 40°C)


Portable Filter Technical Data

Pump: Gear pump
Electric Motor: .75 hp 115 V single phase electric motor
Flow: 3 GPM
Max. Operation Pressure: 58 psi
Viscosity range: Min. operation 10 cSt / Max. operation 200 cSt / Max. only for cold start 400 cSt
Suction Filter: Type Y filtration 500 μm
Filtration Rating: 1/3/6/10/25 μm ß>1000 & Water Removal
Bypass valve: Rating 58 psi
Fluid Temperature: From 41° to 140 °F
Ambient Temperature: From 41° to 104 °F

Protection Class: IP 55
Seal: NBR
Fluid Compatibility: Mineral Oil – Other on request
Suction hose: 1/2″ x 10′
lance: DN/OD20 length 16 in
Pressure hose: 1/2″ x 10′
lance: 1/2″ x 16″ L
Weight: 32.6 lb
Dirty Filter Indication: Visual clogging indicator (gauge)

  • Aluminum Filter Heads
  • Zinc Plated Steel and/or Brass Fittings
  • Aluminum/Steel Pump
  • Wire Supported Clear PVC Hoses
  • Buna-N Gaskets


Approximately 45-55lbs/20.4-24.9Kg (will vary depending on options selected)


Portable Filter Dims