Custom Oil Filter Skid

Multiplex Filter Assembly

There are times when customers have a short window to install new equipment. We got a call from a mill customer that required delivery of a custom oil filter skid / filtration system within two weeks. By using our vast network of stock components we were able to assemble and ship a multiplex lube oil filtration system in 10 days.

Multiplex Lube Oil Filter

This multiplex lube oil filter features three carbon steel filter vessels to accept 36″ pleated microglass filter elements. Inlet and outlet valves allow for constant filtration without having to shutdown to change filter elements. Filter vessels are taken offline one at a time when high differential pressures are seen.

Specializing in custom filtration, often times we have the ability to build to customer requirements within budget and on their timeline.

This custom oil filter skid utilizes our lube & hydraulic replacement filters that are manufactured utilizing advanced Multi layer Dual-Phase Micro-Glass pleated filter media. 

Lube filter elements are Beta x[c] = 1000 certified in accordance with ISO 16889 and Dynamic Filter Efficiency (DFE) testing.

Media is supported both upstream & downstream by an epoxy coated carbon steel mesh (stainless steel mesh also available). AFT media provides high flow rates, low pressure drop and stable & dependable Beta x[c] rated efficiencies.