Custom Inline Strainers

Fitting a pipeline strainer into existing piping can be difficult especially when repiping is not feasible.  Fluid Engineering developed the 545 and 548 model custom inline strainers to help in these instances.  These duplex basket strainers use a manifold design to fit in existing face to face and floor to centerline areas.

Custom duplex strainer

The Series 545/548 Duplex Strainer provides continued and dependable removal of unwanted solids from fluids. This strainer serves to protect valves, pumps, meters, spray nozzles, and various other equipment. It is often used to ensure product purity in such industries as gas, petroleum, biofuels, and power plants. A duplex strainer is used in applications where fluid flow cannot be interrupted when the basket is removed for cleaning. It maintains a continuous flow by utilizing two separate basket chambers with integral valves
to direct flow into one of the basket chambers.

The Series 545/548 is a compact unit, with inline inlet/outlet connections, which enables easy piping and variable strainer placement. Chamber change over is accomplished quickly and easily. Levers control the positive sealing butterfly valves, changing the fluid flow.
Built as a standard model unit, the Series 545/548 is also flexible to meet the individual needs of the customer, and varying application requirements. It is available in a variety of materials, and its fabricated design is superior for corrosive, hazardous, or low specific gravity fluid applications.

• Fabricated carbon steel strainer body with bolted style cover
• 316 stainless steel basket with perforated (1/32”, 1/16”, 1/8”, 5/32” openings)
• Butterfly valve with cast iron body Buna-N seats, ductile iron disc, and stainless steel stem
• Lever operated valves with inter-connected linkage
• Positive seal valving
• Design pressure 150 psig
• Design temp 150°F
• Welded to ASME Section IX, certified welders
• Complete package is hydrostatically tested

• Compact design allows for low installation cost.
• Large capacity, heavy duty basket design for a long life.
• Low pressure drop that provides for high flow capacity.
• Efficient design requiring few moving parts and low maintenance costs.
• Simple, easy, and effective switching of flow with positive shut-off

• Numerous vessel materials of construction such as stainless steel, copper nickel, monel, and others for corrosive environment
• Variation in flange connection alignment
• ASME Section VIII, Division 1, Code Stamp – supplied with complete material traceability
• Vessels designed for high pressure/temperature applications.
• Special internal and external coatings
• Cover lift (davit) assembly
• Quick opening hinged covers
• Swing bolt closures
• Basket material of 316 stainless steel, brass, monel, and others
• Mesh lined basket – 20 x 20 to 500 x 500 mesh
• Model 548 Duplex includes davit cover lift