Corrugated Coalescing Media

Hydroquip’s new Corrugated Coalescing Media solves a common oil water separator problem.  Oil water separators are often employed in dirty environments.  High concentrations of solids will plug standard coalescing media.  

Standard OWS Media
Standard OWS Media

The tightness of PVC media pack capture dirt.  The consequence is loss of separator efficiency and effectiveness.  

The newly developed corrugated coalescing media pack is non-plugging by virtue of its design.  With a properly designed separator, solids will settle and removed through the drain valves.  Media packs are produced in PVC, polycarbonate, stainless steel and FRP, for use a variety of applications.

Corrugated Coalescing Media
Corrugated Coalescing Media

Oily water and solids will enter the coalescing chamber in a horizontal cross flow pattern. The water will flow through the corrugation troughs of the plates, where the oil and solids will naturally separate from the water and from each other. The solids will fall to the trough on the topside of the plate below and the oil will rise to the trough on the underside of the plate above.

The solids will continue to move downwards to the solids collection chamber, or hopper, where they can be pumped out or manually removed. The oil will continue to coalesce and flow upwards where a skimmer is used to decant the oil to transfer to an integral product tank. This design prevents the solids and oil from remixing together.

Packs are installed in a horizontal position. Each pack is 1′ wide x 2′ high and come in either 2- or 4-foot lengths. The corrugated plate material is available in PVC, Polycarbonate, FRP, or stainless steel. Each plate is installed in an aluminum frame at a 55° angle. Plates can be spaced at ½”, ¾”, 1″ or 1 ½” intervals.

This new design can be incorporated in new oil water separator designs.  Existing separators can be retrofitted with this new media.  So, if you are facing a problem with media pluggage and poor effluent quality, this new corrugated coalescing media will surely improve your situation.

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