Coalescing Media for Frac Tank

Convert frac tank into oil water separator

Frac Tank Drop In Meda Pack

We discussed coalescing media options in an earlier blog post.  We have expanded our media selection to include drop in replacement media packs for frac tanks.

Frac tanks are used for water storage, oil storage and settling; just to name a few.  Now they can be converted to an oil/water separator.

We use our UNIPACK-Plus media to separate oil and high concentrations of settleable and suspended solids. The corrugated plates allow natural separation. The solids will slide down the troughs and the oil will coalesce and rise on the underside troughs.

Many media packs plug with high concentrations of solids.  The UNIPACK-PLUS media allows for solids to settle quickly without plugging the media.  It is recommended to allow considerable area beneath the media for solids to collect.  Valves should also be installed to drain solids off the bottom of the tank. 

It is also recommended to fabricate a weir wall on the outlet side of the media so that separated oil can collect and be skimmed off. Several options are available for skimming free oil off the service.