CML4 Oil Particle Counter and Contamination Monitor

CML4 Screen

In any oil management strategy, fluid analysis is a critical component that identifies potential issues before they escalate into costly repairs and disruptive downtime. The CML4 Oil Particle Counter and Contamination Monitor is a compact, portable solution that delivers rapid and precise fluid analyses, essential for maintaining optimal system health. 

Lightweight yet robust, this device is ideal for lab and field. It provides critical measurements of particle counts and moisture levels to ensure your systems operate efficiently. This versatile tool is equipped with a metering pump, which enables fluid analysis for pressurized and unpressurized systems.

This model features an internal integrated pump for bottle samples. For use with mineral and synthetic oils.

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Key Features of the CML4 MP Filtri Particle Counter

Explore this device’s features in more depth below:

  • High-resolution 7” full-color touchscreen
  • High-pressure sampling up to 350 bar / 6091 PSI
  • Suitable for both pressurized and unpressurized systems
  • Store up to 4000 results
  • Durable co-polymer case
  • Work all day on a single battery charge
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to store and carry at just 14” (35cm) wide
  • Instant results on screen and downloadable via USB
  • Simple, straightforward software with an easy learning curve
  • Measures and displays contamination in a variety of international standards including: 
    • ISO 4406
    • NAS 1638
    • AS4059 Rev E, Table 1
    • AS4059 Rev E, Table 2
    • AS4059 Rev F, Table 1; AS4059 
    • Rev F, Table 2
    • GBT 14039
    • GJB 420 B
    • GOST 17216

CML4 Portable Oil Particle Counter Specifications


Technology High precision LED light extinction automatic optical contamination monitor
Particle Sizing  >4, >6, >14, >21, >25, >38, >50, >70 µm(c)
Reporting Standards ISO 4406
NAS 1638
AS4059 Rev E, Table 1
AS4059 Rev E, Table 2
AS4059 Rev F, Table 1
AS4059 Rev F, Table 2
GBT 14039
GJB 420 B GOST 17216
Accuracy ± 1/2 code for 4, 6, 14μm(c) ± 1 code for larger sizes
Calibration Calibrated with ISOMTD in accordance with ISO 21018 – Part 1 and Part 4
Viscosity Range  Up to 400cSt
Fluid Temperature  Minimum: +5°C / +41°F Maximum: +80°C / +176°F
Ambient Temperature  Minimum: -10°C / +14°F Maximum: +60°C / +140°F
Operating Pressure Offline: Maximum 2 bar / 29 PSI Online: Maximum 350 bar / 5076 PSI
Moisture Sensing % RH (Relative Humidity) ±3%
Temperature Measurement  ±3%
Data Storage  Up to 4000 tests
Environmental Protection  IP65 (Lid closed) IP54 (Lid open)
Power Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
Battery Life  8hrs approx
Weight  8.5 kg / 18.5lbs*
Product Dimensions Width: 350mm / 13.8” Height: 149mm / 5.8” (not including handle) Depth: 155mm / 6.1”
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CML4 Comparison Against Leading Competition

 CML4Parker icountOSFiltertechnik
Screen7-inch full colorTiny, results onlySmall monocolor
Internal pumpYesYes Yes
Ease of useEasy, on-screen instructionsNo controlLimited control on basic unit
Particle sizing8 channels3 channels – 4, 6, 14μm3 channels – 4, 6, 14um8 channels in LPA3 equivalent Particle Pro
Reporting standardsSeveral, including ISO4406, AS4059 Rev E&F Tables 1&2, NAS1638 GOST17216Only ISO4406, SAE4059, NAS1638Only ISO4406, SAE4059, NAS1638
Minimum operating pressureAmbientAmbient to 2.5barUp to 350bar with optional pressure-reducing valveAmbient to 2.5barUp to 350bar with optional pressure-reducing valve
Size350mm x 149mm x 155mm8.5kgSmaller than CML45.5kgLarger than CML4-
Moisture measurementRH% up to saturationRH% up to saturationOptional on basic unit, RH% or ppm up to 200ppm (10%) available on diesel unit
Viscosity maximum~400cSt300cSt420cSt
Operating temperaturesAmbient: Minimum -10°C (+14°F), Maximum +60°C (+140°F)Fluid: Minimum +5°C (+41°F), Maximum +80°C (+176°F)Ambient: Minimum -30°C (-22°F), Maximum +80°C (+176°F) Fluid: Minimum -20°C (-4°F), Maximum +70°C (+158°F)

CML4 Oil Particle Counter Accessories

Hand-Held Bluetooth Printer

Enhance your on-site capabilities with the hand-held Bluetooth printer, an indispensable accessory for the CML4 Contamination Monitor. Measuring just 185 x 120 x 50mm, this compact device is engineered for portability and ease of use. It establishes a seamless Bluetooth connection with the CML4, enabling efficient, low-noise black-and-white printing. 

Utilizing advanced thermal printing technology, it produces clear and durable outputs on a 48mm-wide paper roll. The printer’s robust, large-capacity lithium battery allows it to remain operational throughout extended fieldwork, making it a reliable tool for professionals needing immediate documentation of results. 

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Watch the CML4 Contamination Monitor in Action

Benefits of the CML4 Particle Counter

Professionals can enjoy the following benefits when choosing the CML4 particle counter:

  • Suitable design for fieldwork: The CML4 is compact and robust with its co-polymer outer casing and high-impact internal steel protection. It can work on a single charge throughout the day, and the high-resolution touch-screen display is bright enough to operate under direct sunlight.
  • Intuitive user interface: The CML4 MP Filtri particle counter is powered by straightforward on-screen software coupled with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
  • Fast and accurate results: The device uses advanced LED light obstruction technology that provides precise and consistent results viewable at a glance on the 7″ display.
  • Advanced analysis: The CML4 connects seamlessly to MP Filtri’s CMP View software for further study. It can store up to 4,000 results for trend monitoring and oil analysis.
  • Compatibility with numerous international standards: The CML4 can analyze contamination according to a broad spectrum of global standards, thus ensuring adaptability across different regions and compliance needs. You are well covered no matter where you are operating from.
  • Cost savings: The CML4 can flag contamination problems before they impact performance, thereby protecting critical equipment, lowering maintenance costs and minimizing downtime. 

Applications of the CML4 Particle Counter 

The CML4 Oil Particle Counter and Contamination Monitor is essentially a mobile lab. It utilizes optical and photodiode technologies to provide comprehensive 8-channel measurements, guaranteeing quick and accurate analysis of particulate and water contamination in mineral and synthetic oils, hydraulic fluids and diesel. This device is useful across diverse industries, including:

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Military 
  • Oil and gas
  • Quality control
  • Pharmaceuticals

The CML4 particle counter is the tool of choice for maintenance crews and engineers to ensure systems are free from harmful contaminations.

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