CML4 Portable Particle Counter / Contamination Monitor

CML4 Screen

For use with mineral and synthetic oils

The CML4 is a compact portable particle counter / contamination monitor that delivers fast and accurate results.  The CML4 provides particle counts and moisture reading is %RH.  This model features an internal integrated pump for bottle samples.  

  • High-resolution 7” full-color touchscreen
  • High Pressure Sampling up to 350 bar / 6091 PSI
  • Suitable for both pressurized and unpressurised systems
  • Store up to 4000 results
  • Durable co-polymer case
  • Work all day on a single battery charge
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to store and carry at just 14” (35cm) wide
  • Instant results on screen and downloadable via USB
  • Simple, straightforward software with an easy learning curve
  • Measures and displays contamination in a variety of international standards including: 
    • ISO 4406
    • NAS 1638
    • AS4059 Rev E, Table 1
    • AS4059 Rev E, Table 2
    • AS4059 Rev F, Table 1; AS4059 
    • Rev F, Table 2
    • GBT 14039
    • GJB 420 B
    • GOST 17216

Hand-Held Bluetooth Printer

Bluetooth Printer

Should you need to print results onsite, a hand-held bluetooth printer is available as an option.  This lightweight and compact unit (just 185 x 120 x 50mm) can be easily connected to the CML4 via Bluetooth. It offers high-speed, low-noise, black and white printing using thermal printing technology with a print width of 48mm onto a 15mm core paper roll.
This portable printer comes equipped with a large capacity rechargeable lithium battery to guarantee power for extended working in the field.

Portable Particle Counter / Contamination Monitor



Technology High precision LED light extinction automatic optical contamination monitor
Particle Sizing  >4, >6, >14, >21, >25, >38, >50, >70 µm(c)
Reporting Standards ISO 4406
NAS 1638
AS4059 Rev E, Table 1
AS4059 Rev E, Table 2
AS4059 Rev F, Table 1
AS4059 Rev F, Table 2
GBT 14039
GJB 420 B GOST 17216
Accuracy ± 1/2 code for 4, 6, 14μm(c) ± 1 code for larger sizes
Calibration Calibrated with ISOMTD in accordance with ISO 21018 – Part 1 and Part 4
Viscosity Range  Up to 400cSt
Fluid Temperature  Minimum: +5°C / +41°F Maximum: +80°C / +176°F
Ambient Temperature  Minimum: -10°C / +14°F Maximum: +60°C / +140°F
Operating Pressure Offline: Maximum 2 bar / 29 PSI Online: Maximum 350 bar / 5076 PSI
Moisture Sensing % RH (Relative Humidity) ±3%
Temperature Measurement  ±3%
Data Storage  Up to 4000 tests
Environmental Protection  IP65 (Lid closed) IP54 (Lid open)
Power Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
Battery Life  8hrs approx
Weight  8.5 kg / 18.5lbs*
Product Dimensions Width: 350mm / 13.8” Height: 149mm / 5.8” (not including handle) Depth: 155mm / 6.1”
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