Alpha Skimmer Solves Sewage Scum Problem

The primary purpose of the Megator Alpha Skimmer is to remove oil from the surface of water, its proved successful in other areas.

Thick scum formation on the surface of aeration tanks at WWTP / sewage facility. The scum – caused by filamentous bacteria – occurs mainly in hot or dry weather and though much of it settles out in time, the residue forms a thick layer which interferes with aeration.

Megator L200 Positive Displacement Pumps were used with Alpha Skimmers on the inlet.

Pump Units

As a trial, the 2” and 3” Megator Alpha Skimmers were used to determine which would be the most effective.

The Alpha Skimmers were placed on the surface of the aeration tank and the center weirs were adjusted to efficiently skim the surface material. The larger weir diameter and suction hose of the 3” skimmer proved to be more effective, particularly with the thick scum.

After only a few days, the surface was clear of all sewage scum.

Sewage Tank Before Skimming
Sewage Tank During Skimming
Sewage Tank After Skimming


A Stainless Steel Alpha Skimmer can be arranged for gravity flow in new construction while the complete Recovery Units are utilized for existing tanks as illustrated in this case study.


Equipment Used

> Megator L200 Self-Priming Sliding Shoe Pump
Max. capacity – 60 GPM
Max. total head – 100 ft / 45 PSI
Max. suction lift – 23 ft
> Megator Stainless Steel 2” & 3” Alpha Skimmers complete with 10ft of non-floating hose and 20ft floating suction hose