20 Series Mini In-Line Oxygen Filters

The 20 Series is a high pressure in-line  filter used in oxygen service.  Formally the 20B series, we are now offering three options that are dimensionally the same.   The 20 Series oxygen filters are designed to contain the consequences of an ignition event, therefore protecting the downstream piping and system components. These filters are ideal for capturing unwanted particulate in breathing air systems, laser cutting  and other oxygen service applications. 

The compact design offers a low pressure drop.  Filters are tested to ASTM G-175 Phase 2 ignition testing.

Filters are cleaned to ASTM G93-03, 9.4 Intermediate level and inspected with white light and ultraviolet light.

Welded Version

· Monel Housing Material

· Operating Pressure to 6,000 PSIG

· 9,000 PSIG Proof / 24,000 PSIG Burst

· 10 Micron Absolute Bronze Sintered Element


Threaded Version

· Monel & Brass Housing Materials

· Monel Operating Pressure to 6,000 PSIG

· Monel:  9,000 PSIG Proof / 24,000 PSIG Burst

· Brass Operating Pressure of 3,000 PSIG

· Brass:  4,500 PSIG Proof / 12,000 PSIG Burst

· Replaceable 10 Micron Absolute Bronze Sintered Element

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