Pipeline Strainers

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Manufacturers of pipeline strainers in cast and fabricated designs.  Since 1986, Fluid Engineering’s mission remains unchanged – To provide customers with rugged, well-designed equipment that outperforms the competition, even in the most demanding applications.  Headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, our Management, Sales, Engineering, and Production Teams are all located at the same facility.  We are proud to say that our products are made in the USA!

Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers 

Fluid Engineering Automatic Self Cleaning Strainer

The Eliminator® & Hyper-Jet® patented automatic self-cleaning strainers provide continuous debris removal from fluid piping systems
that demand full time uninterrupted flow.

The Eliminator® Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainer is a patented and proven filtration solution. It is particularly effective in fluid applications where unattended service and uninterrupted flow are required. Solids are captured in the strainer screen and are removed when the strainer backwashes. Downstream flow is not interrupted during the backwash cycle. The Eliminator® is effective in applications operating at as low as 10 PSIG, with some working in pipelines as low as 5 PSIG. 

The Eliminator® is typically supplied with a basic control package. This package includes an electric motor, control panel, backwash control valve, and differential pressure switch. These controls can be customized to meet specific electrical and operational requirements of most applications.

The Hyper-Jet® adds internal spray nozzles fed by a high-pressure external source to aid in the backwash cleaning cycle. This feature is beneficial for difficult and demanding applications, as well as lower pressure applications where other self-cleaning strainers might not be as effective.


Simplex Basket Strainers 

Cast Simplex Basket Strainer

Simplex (basket) strainers are an inexpensive design that are used in applications where the flow can be interrupted for basket cleaning.  Fluid Engineering offers both cast and fabricated designs with many material options to handle most any application.


Duplex Basket Strainers

Fabricated Duplex Basket Strainer Cast Duplex Basket Strainer

Duplex strainers are used in applications where fluid flow cannot be interrupted when the basket is removed for cleaning.  Fluid Engineering offers both cast and fabricated designs with many material options to handle most any application.

Custom Strainer Skid Packages

Automatic Strainer Skid Package

Strainer skid packages are designed to handle a consistent flow of debris laden influent. They can be comprised of any combination of
patented automatic strainers or even simplex strainers.


Temporary Cone Strainers

FE Cone Strainer

Also known as start up strainers, these low cost pipeline strainers are used on a temporary basis after major pipeline work. 


Y Strainers

Y Strainer

Y Strainers are to be used in applications where small amounts of solid particles are expected and where clean-out will be infrequent.

Salt Water Strainer Applications

When designing strainer systems for use in a salt water environment, the life of the pumping systems and strainers will be greatly determined by the material used in its construction. The following table shows the comparative life of various materials used in salt water applications.

 Material    Life Factor  
 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze    8.0  
 Titanium    6.0  
 Bronze    4.0  
 300 Series Stainless Steel    4.0  
 400 Series Stainless Steel (Heat treated)   3.0 
 Monel    2.0  
 Cast Iron    1.5  
 Brass, Gunmetal    1.2  
 Mild Steel    1.0  

The life factors listed in the table are based on laboratory results and may not take into account other factors that may be contained in the water actually used in shipboard applications such as pollutants that may come from farmlands, landfills or other by-products that contain waste material.

Another factor is the amount of salt; not all salt-water is the same. There are regions that have much higher salt concentrations than in others. For that reason, considering the environment that the unit will be operating in is crucial when designing these systems to get the optimal life from the strainers.


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