Lakos Filtration Solutions

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  • Pre-Filtration
  • Heat Exchanger Protection
  • Waste Reduction
  • Spray Nozzle Protection
  • Prevent Solids Accumulation in Sumps and Basins

How does the Lakos Separator Work?


Using a LAKOS Separator as a pre-filter prior to finer filtration improves
efficiency and minimizes liquid loss. As a result:
• Reduce disposal cost
• Minimize labor, maintenance downtime and filter media replacement costs
• Extend the life of finer filtration and water treatment systems
• Increase the life of filter cartridges and bags and eliminates water treatment processes

Protect Heat Exchangers

LAKOS Separators offer effective protection for heat exchangers against
fouling. As a result:
• Maintain design efficiencies for better heat transfer rates = energy savings
• Reduce maintenance frequency for heat exchanger equipment
• Remove suspended grit and scale

Protect Spray Nozzles

LAKOS Separators removes solids that clog spray nozzles and other small
orifices. This helps to:
• Maintain original nozzle design for efficient spray coverage
• Prevent wear abrasion and clogging – reducing frequency of nozzle replacement
• Maintain overall product quality through cleaner nozzles, reducing the need to scrap product due to quality

Prevent Solids Accumulation in Sumps & Basins

Using a LAKOS Separator as part of your process cooling system minimizes
accumulation of solids that typically settle in sumps and basins. As a result:
• Fewer shutdowns
• Reduces solids build-up and decreases clean out time
• Avoids solids-induced microbial growth, decreases chemical use, and increases process liquid life

ISF Self Cleaning Screen

Self-Cleaning Industrial Pump Intake Screen

Flow Range: up to 2,700 U.S. gpm (615 m³/hr)

Protect commercial/industrial pumps and water systems from surface water organics & debris

Wherever unprotected pump intakes are threatened by organic debris and other troublesome floating solids, LAKOS ISF Screens provide a continuous, intelligent defense against clogging, lost suction and pump wear. A rugged, reliable internal backwash system blows debris off of and away from the screen, allowing water to flow freely to the pump (see illustration at right).

Wide range of applications
Rivers, effluent ponds, sumps, lakes, re-use pits, streams, tanks, canals, etc.

Protects pumps
For centrifugal, turbine and submersible types: Safeguards against damage to impellers and restricted suction/cavitation.

Energy savings
Helps maintain pump efficiency, reducing the need to pump longer to deliver required water volume. Continuously clean screen eliminates
potential head/pressure loss.

Reduces maintenance
Continuous cleaning performance means no manual cleaning of stationary screens or routine system shutdowns.

Environmental protection
Low-velocity operation keeps fish, mussels, clams, etc. out of pump intakes.

Durable construction

Strong, deep-ribbed, reinforced fiberglass frame. Stainless steel end caps. Choice of corrosion-resistant stainless steel screen mesh or algae growth-inhibiting phospher bronze screen mesh. Turbine drive blades for strong, steady screen rotation.

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